Zeke Morgan (Earth 620)



Real Name: Lt. Zeke Morgan
Hero Name: Zeke
Age: 40
Nationality: UNL Military
Status: Single
Profession: UNL Military: Leader of DIVISION 9's DoomPod 6


Earth 620
Year 2061

"Eyes Over Africa"

Zeke's revalation to Phoenix 6 during
the "Singularity Story Arc Module"

"It all began in Africa. Forty years from now, the world will experience an event like no other. From where I come from we made things bigger, better, faster, and stronger. It was a time of unprecedented leaps in technology. Progress, global industrialization and rapid population growth, are some of the things we had to deal with. We took from the planet and never gave anything back. But not before long we were swimming in our own shit. Territorial disputes over resources and the bloating world population led to war - and war we did. Leave it to the human race to implode upon itself. The alarmed world governments formed an alliance called United League of Nations (UNL) in the hopes to end the wars. A Research facility in Sudan was built with the aim of reversing the damage done on the environment while looking for alternative and sustainable sources of energy. In Sudan the greatest minds in the world gathered and not before long t they've found a solution. It was promising. Scientists had found a way to harness scalar energy and dark matter energy, which are both the most abundant sources of energy in the universe. To save the environment, scientists discovered a type of regenerative black matter, that can be drawn to this plane. On Sept. 11, 2052 what could have been the golden age of man became the day of his undoing. With a flip of a switch, the world was never the same again. A containment field meltdown caused wild scalar energy and dark matter to spill over. Whatever the shit came out of that facility messed up everything it came into contact with. Overnight the entire face of the Africa changed, in a matter of days, the world. Nothing was spared; everything went on a violent change on a cellular level. Living or non-living. In some areas the laws of natural physics simply didn't apply. When we woke up, the world was never the same again.

There were survivors, those unaffected by the spill. We retreated to cities called havens. These are UNL fortresses - the last bastion of human civilization. With the use of city-wide tonal device generators (TDGs), the chaos spill’s transforming effects was stopped. Everywhere else the irreversible damage was done and with two thirds the planet transformed, we found ourselves now in a new earth.

In Sudan, where the facility once stood, only a black crater remains. This is where the Mogul was born, the chaos spill's first spawn. A sentient war mongering creature, he gathered all of the new creation to himself and declared war on what remains of the human race. UNL’s DIV 9, formed Doompod 6. A team of gifted humans, those found with the genetic marker. I led a team to assassinate the Mogul and to seal the crater once and for all and hopefully reverse the flow of dark matter. In an act of desperation I detonated a thermo nuclear device in the center of the crater. The next thing I knew I was recovering in an orbital space station. I lost my team, except for Shynzar. We were rescued by Warchild’s men and with his help, we are trying to avert a spill to happen in your earth.


Havens of Hope (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Hope. These fortified cities are the last bastions of human civilization – it is a haven for what remains of the human race. It's fortified walls offer protection from the adverse effects of the Chaos Spill. These havens are protected by a matter stabilizing device called Tonal Generators. Without it, matter that had spewed from Sudan will merge with matter in our world. This volatile process is called the Chaos Effect. Matter channeled from another plane is simply merged with matter in our world, occupying the same space at the same time. On the onset of the spill entire landscapes and ecosystems were transformed and over the years, the earth as we know it has changed.

Each haven maintains a Tonal Generator. Depending on the haven's size, the radius is increased by adding repeaters to extend its range. Each Tonal Generator is about the size of a small house and can cover a signal radius of 10 kilometers. The bigger it is, the stronger the field generated therefore, covering more area. There are also backpack carried generators and personal wrist emitters. As a general rule, city generators offer 100 percent protection against the chaos effect, while lower class generators offer some protection for a limited time. The frequency emitted by a tonal device cannot reverse the effects of the chaos effect it can only prevent transmutations. The rate of transmutation occurs differently depending on the dark matter concentration on a particular area.


City Defenses

The primary defense a haven is primarily, the tonal generator. This keeps the chaos spill from transforming matter within its radial effect. Fortified walls and domes provide physical protection as much as they can keep out. Gun placements, Wall Turrets, UNL Military contingent forces and hardware, serve as a security force versus invading Mesanoids. Some havens maintain a security force comprised of humans that host the genetic marker.

During the onset of the spill, transformations were almost instantaneous, entire continents were terra-formed. Matter from an unknown source merged with ours, changing entire landscapes and the ecosystem. It has been 20 years since the detonation over Sudan and although the spill effects have lessened, it still poses a grave threat. Exposure over time will have permanent genetic effects.


Zeke is one of the very few human hosts carrying an implanted seed called the genetic marker. With the genetic marker activated, he has the ability to distabalize his atoms (and others) while projecting it over long distances. He does this by generating a tachyon field by which he can transport himself, other people, and objects across vast distances. The tachyon field converts matter into faster-than-light particles while Zeke provides them a direction to travel in. Zeke can teleport up to 4 miles, carrying a maximum load of about 1600 lbs. With extreme effort he can double the load and distance. When concentrating, he can do extended teleport jumps up to 1000 miles away, 500 miles more beyond earth's atmosphere.

Through constant training and practice, he has also capable of doing several key stunts using his teleportation power. In combat, he teleports around as he continues to move and fire, jumping from one location to another, rendering him very difficult to hit and target. Also, he has managed to grab hold onto something and then partially teleport them, thus dealing massive amounts of damage to a person or object. When forced to do melee combat, he can teleport and strike a target multiple times before that person can react. He is currently experimenting on more ways to apply his teleportation in a offensive application.


Elite Soldier - Zeke is an elite soldier, the best among the best in his world. He would be the equivalent of a top Navy SEAL Operator from our world. With his background as a soldier, he has trained extensively in many diverse skills like demolitions, tracking, escape and evasion, intelligence gathering, tactics, stealth, and survival.

Firearms Expert - Zeke is an expert in all manner of firearms such as pistols, rifles, assault rifles, machine guns and the like.

Heavy Weapons Expert - He is also an expert in the use of heavy weapons like rocket launchers, heavy machine guns,

Demolitions Expert - He is also well versed in the use of demolition charges and explosives. He can set up booby traps, as well as disarm many kinds of explosive ordnance.

Athletic Physical Abilities - Zeke is very athletic and has the strength and stamina of a man who engages in intensive regular exercise. His training as a soldier has also made him very hardy and giving him great endurance. He can lift roughly about 400 lbs.

Marksman - Zeke is an accomplished sniper and an expert marksman. He can shoot targets up to 1 mile away with relative ease. He is especially skilled with his personal custom weapon that he helped design.

Inventor - He is a skilled weapons designer and inventor. He actually created his own custom weapon that he currently uses. He is also capable of creating simple devices, especially those with combat and utility applications.


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