Team Wyvern

Team Wyvern is a group of former special operations soldiers from different branches of the world's most elite fighting units. Currently, they are a special group funded and working for Warchild. They act as the Black Ops unit of Warchild, dealing with all the various military and covert operations that are needed to be conducted. Though none of them have any super powers, their skills as elite soldiers make them some of the best combatants in the world. Now, they have been provided with some advanced technology to deal with superhuman threats when needed.

THe members of the team are:

  • Major Buchanon - Leader of the team. Former British SAS specialized in Intelligence
  • Lt. O'Donnel - 2nd in command. Former US Navy SEAL specialized in Weapons and CQB
  • Lt. Hawkins - the team's Sniper and pilot. Former US Air Force SOCCT (Special Operations COmbat Control Teams)
  • Sgt. Orlov - the team's pointman, scout and grenade launcher expert. Former Russian SPetsnaz
  • Frenchie - Heavy weapons and anti-tank expert. Former French Foreign Legion
  • Fox - team's demolitions expert. Former British SAS who loves dressing up as a cowboy
  • McGrue - counter intelligence and infiltration expert. Former CIA Black Ops operator
  • Doc - the team's combat medic and resident doctor. Former US Navy SEAL.