Sparks (Jennifer Sparks)


Real Name: Jennifer Sparks
Alias: Sparks, Spirit of the 20th Century
Status: Divorced
Nationality: British National
Profession: Adventurer, World's Immune System, Phoenix 6 Leader, World Changer


Jennifer Sparks was born in England on January 1, 1900. Her family possessed quite a fortune, and she was sent to an all-girls school in Vienna. Her family had died on the Titanic in 1912, and her father's arch-nemesis took over their fortune. Left penniless, young Jenny was invited by her godfather, Albert Einstein, to Zurich, where he offered to finish her education. Before leaving she befriended a young struggling painter named Adolf Hitler, whose art was quite abysmal. Hoping to help him escape poverty, she suggested that he leave painting behind and take a career in politics as he had a certain charisma and talent for speeches.[1] This was one of many acts that she would later come to regret. Between 1913 and 1919 her powers started to manifest. Jenny Sparks had absolute control of electricity, including travel through power lines, shooting bolts of lightning and shaping electricity. With age her control and power increased. By 1919 Jenny had also stopped aging.

Her adventures from 1919 to the early thirties were marked by the mindset of the era - Scientific Romance. In this period the Wildstorm universe had the first contact with Sliding Albion, an alternate Earth where humanity encountered aliens in the Renaissance, and where the blue-skinned aliens and humans intermixed through the ages. In 1919 she married prince Lorenzo of Albion to help him to take power against his father's tyrannical reign. Unfortunately Lorenzo was using the British of Jenny's reality to help him take over from his father, who he considered too soft. In consequence, she ended up shot and would have died were it not for the aid of Dr. Angela Spica, who had traveled back in time from 2001 to prevent Jenny's death in 1919.[2] Sparks continued with traveling the multiple realities, visiting alien worlds, entering fast relationships with supermen and people of the era. During this time she earned the rank of Colonel in British Army Intelligence. A reporter named Clarence Cornwall became part of her life.

In the early thirties she went to America and spent most of that time as an adventurer and pulp hero. During this period she was the girlfriend of a certain Dr. Jones. In 1939 she met Elijah Snow and after a one-night-stand they both agreed to forget that it ever happened.[3]

During World War II she was working as an allied operative against the Nazi superbeings and preventing the Nazis from obtaining valuable artifacts and ancient weapons. In 1943 she was rescuing a Tibetan egg from the Nazis. The egg was prophesied to open and bring forth a being that will usher a new age. Inside it was a small, curled up woman. She was captured and the only thing that prevented her from being sent to a camp where she would be dissected for creating German supermen was the sudden arrival of Adolf Hitler, who remembered her and upon accidentally noticing her being dragged away ordered her to be released and sent to England with the egg.[1]

Jenny returned to America after the war. The world no longer believed in heroes. She didn't either and her darkening turned her into a noiresque private eye who dealt her own brutal justice. During this time, she electrocuted Clarence for trying to kill an orphanage because it was full of black kids. With the end of the forties she decided to head home.

In the fifties she got involved with the British Space Group - "The biggest clandestine stunt ever pulled on the British public", an organization involved with alien and cross-dimensional interaction and exploration. Even their banquets were held under maximum security. During one of those, in 1953, the Sliding Albion reality entered its first World War, and bacterium weapons were unleashed on their London. In a final act of contempt and spite, Sliding Albion vented the bacterial fallout over Britain.[4] However, this agent changed while traversing The Bleed and caused the first surge of superhuman powers in Britain. Jenny didn't notice, she only felt the world losing a great opportunity to become a better place. After a while she tried to write a book about her life… but that got quashed.

The sixties were a new age of exploration and freedom. Not only that but, the first British heroes started to band together, and quite easily took Jenny as their leader for her experience and spirit. For the first time Jenny actually felt she belonged somewhere, and with her companions was set on making the world a better place. In the late sixties, Jenny and her friends were participating in a large festival on the Isle of Wight. Tragedy struck when one of the heroes, Abel Eternity, overdosed on drugs in an attempt to prove his masculinity. Abel went into a homicidal rampage, forcing Jenny to slay him. The group disbanded and Jenny decided to go to bed until 1982.

In 1976, Sparks was roused by the CCCP to lead a team of government superhumans against the genocidal 70th Century incarnation of Kansas City, which had gained sentience and sought to obliterate all human life. Sparks and her team failed to make a dent in the monstrosity, but the rampaging city was defeated when Jack Hawksmoor transformed the city of Tokyo into a giant living battle-suit and wrecked the future city.[5]

In the eighties, a new British superhero group appeared, mainly composed by people who were children during Sliding Albion's attack. Jenny Sparks joined the group since they considered her the "clean one" from the sixties group. However, they all were revealed to be homicidal and she threatened to kill them on the spot if she ever saw them again. Sometime around this point, she was contacted by Henry Bendix to join Stormwatch. She declined.

In 1992, she went underground and kept a quiet life. For many years she just travelled around the world and do what he can. She then eventually settled in the US for a while. She then got approached by Tony Stark to join his "Initiative" and she was forced to join or leave the country. She decided to get out of retirement and join.


After the death of Goliath during the Civil War, Sparks began to question her position within the Initiative. She then wanted to leave but Tony Stark wouldn't let her. She then decided to run and become a fugitive, bringing some people who believed in her. She managed to escape and was helped by a mysterious hero named Warchild.

She decides that she wants to change the world, and Warchild gives her the beginning resources to do just that. And the rest is history.


Sentient Electrical Form: In her true form, Sparks is just that, a sentient electrical force with no mass. Like an electrical current, Sparks as electricity must go somewhere before she can re-emerge in her human form. Normally this is into a machine, but other conductors seem to work as well. She was once able to go into the sky and remain there until striking down as lightning. She can also enter a person briefly and electrocute them.

While in this form, she is capable of:

  • Flight: Sparks can fly, and is capable of reaching sub-light speeds.
  • Life Support: She is able to withstand the the vacuum of space, she is also impervious to most physical attacks. Energy Attacks not directly tied to the electro-magnetic spectrum, can still harm Sparks.
  • Electric Teleportation: Sparks can also convert her entire body into electricity and travel anywhere electricity would. She can apparently survive being transformed into other forms of energy as when she traveled through a TV and power lines and then into a police radio.

Electrokinesis: can generate raw electricity which courses through his body, which he has learned to manipulate, control, to sense sources of electric energy, electricity and administer as a wide range of attacks with several uses; he can charge devices with electricity, and alternatively drain the energy from them into himself.

  • Electric Current Control: Sparks can choose to keep the electric energy that he currently holds in his body by controlling the Current and Voltage for whenever he wants to use it.
  • Electrical-Energy Absorption: He can also absorb the energy of electrical equipment such as a power plant to increase his powers further.
  • Electrical-Energy Projection: Ability to project his electricity through his hands to stun his enemies.
  • Force Field: He can also generate bulletproof force fields.
  • Electrical Tracking: he is able to track the resonance of a broadcast frequency to a location of where its coming from, but if its too subtle then he won't have much success.
  • Electronic Interaction
  • Electric Manipulation
  • Electric-Enhanced Strike

Immortality: She was born "with the century" - on the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve of 1900. As she grew she displayed certain superhuman abilities and skills, as well as immortality (not aging beyond her 20's). It has been theorised that they act as an immune system for the planet, her very existence protecting Earth. As such she supposedly represents an aspect of the century into which they were born.

Spirit of the 20th Century: Jenny Sparks is one of the Century Babies, a being produced by the multiverse for a specific task. In her case, this was to influence the 20th century. As such, her moods are tied directly to the world's status. For example, she was suicidally depressed during the Great Depression and deliriously high during the Roaring Twenties.

Decelerated Aging: Additionally, she stopped aging at nineteen and remained this way until her death. Her appearance alters from time to time and it is unclear if this is an effect of her connection to the planet or artist interpretation. She had at least a 100 year lifespan, not aging once she reached adulthood.


Electric Control: Jenny Sparks had absolute control of electricity, including travel through power lines, shooting bolts of lightning and shaping electricity.
Electric Absorption: Jenny has the ability to manipulate electricity. She can easily draw electricity from electronic devices as well as from the human brain, a move she has threatened to kill people with.

Healing: Shifting into her electrical form heals Sparks from injuries as well as poisons and diseases.

Electrostatic Energy Generation: Electro possesses the ability to bodily generate electrostatic energy which he can release or harness for a number of effects. He is powered by the micro-fine rhythmic muscle contractions that normally regulate body temperature. His body can generate electricity at a rate of about 10,000 volts per minute, up to his maximum storage capacity of 10,000,000 volts. At that point, his body automatically stops producing electricity. As he expends his electrostatic energy, his body automatically begins to recharge the stores. Electro can mentally control the amount of electricity he discharges, anywhere from a single volt to his full 10,000,000 volt charge at once. At ten to thirty feet, his maximum charge is more than enough to kill a man. Electro can also use his body as a transformer, touching an outside power source (such as a generator) and channeling it through his body for use. The amount of electricity he can transform above his body's maximum storage capacity is unknown.
Electro can employ his electrostatic energy in a number of ways:

Lighting Bolt Projection: The simplest manifestation is the emission of a lightning-like electric arc from his fingertips, which can propagate through air or other conducting mediums. This discharge, whose total voltage can be regulated within certain limits, travels at the speed of lightning, about 150,000 feet per second. The course of the electrostatic bolt, like lightning, does not always follow a straight line since it may be influenced by conducting substances like metal or other electrical fields. If his target is not grounded, his electrostatic bolt will have little effect. The maximum effective range of his bolts is about 100 feet.

Electromagnetic Propulsion via Electrical Lines and Bridges: Electro can propel himself along the accompanying magnetic lines of force in objects that have great electrical potential, such as high-tension electrical lines. He generates light, eddying electrical fields around his legs, which develops an intense, opposing magnetic field that can support him above the electric cable's magnetic field. By creating imbalances in his field, he can ride along on magnetic ripples at speeds of up to 140 miles per hour, the maximum speed at which he can still breathe unaided. He can sometimes create electrostatic bridges to traverse upon, although the expenditure of energy is enormous.

Electrical Detection: Sparks' electrical powers also grant her certain sensory and manipulative abilities. By "feeling" the course of electricity through the circuitry of any electrically-powered device, Electro can override the system and make the device obey his mental commands. Electro can disconnect alarm systems, control computers in a limited way, or overload any electrically controlled system that is insufficiently shield

Recharging: By using an external electrical power source to recharge his body's energy reserves, he could expend electrical energy indefinitely without diminishing his personal reserves.

Electrical Conversion into Enhanced Physical Attributions: The electricity coursing through his altered body augments his strength, speed, and recuperative powers. When fully charged, Electro is able to lift (press) about 500 pounds.

Disruption of Wall-Crawling Abilities: Electro's powers also can disrupt Spider-Man's electrostatic ability to cling to walls.

Localized Electromagnetic Storms: Electro once defeated the Invisible Woman when he created a localized Electromagnetic Storm. This allowed him to carbonize the air around her and it imprisoned her in a sheath of rock hard electro carbon atoms. Effectively making a statue out of her.

Immunity to Electricity: Sparks' body is immune to the effects of its electricity and that of other sources as well. Hence, Sparks cannot be electrocuted no matter how great the voltage.

Electromagnetic Manipulation: SHe could fly by generating a massive field of electricity which could propel him through the air. He also seemed to gain the power of magnetokinesis to a certain degree, allowing him to manipulate magnetic fields and move objects in a manner similar to that of Magneto, and could overcome his old weakness to water by using the electromagnetic fields around him to vaporize water before it could touch him. He was able to defeat Nate Grey by manipulating the bioelectric currents in the human brain to turn Nate's own psionic powers against him. Presumably, had he further explored the implications of this power, he would have been able to control people's entire bodies this way as well, and might have been able to control machines in a similar way. He was also able to painfully paralyze anyone by overcharging their synapses' bio-electrical transmissions.


Expert Leader: Through her lifetime Sparks was the members of various branches of the British military and led various superhero teams. As such she is an experienced leader and knowledgeable about military protocol. She has not demonstrated the fighting skill that one might associate with this experience, usually relying on her powers instead.



Sparks (Jennifer Sparks) - PL 12

Strength 0, Stamina 6, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 2, Intellect 0, Awareness 3, Presence 7

All-out Attack, Assessment, Attractive, Diehard, Fascinate (Persuasion), Fearless, Improved Critical 4 (Electrical Control: Energy Control 16), Improved Critical 4 (Focused Blast: Blast 20), Improved Initiative, Inspire 5, Jack-of-all-trades, Leadership, Luck 6, Power Attack, Precise Attack (Ranged, Concealment), Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover), Ranged Attack 4

Close Combat (Unarmed) 2 (+4), Deception 6 (+13), Insight 10 (+13), Intimidation 4 (+11), Perception 8 (+11), Persuasion 6 (+13)


Electro-Magnetic Control

  • Brain Fry: Affliction 12 (1st degree: Entranced, 2nd degree: Defenseless, 3rd degree: Unaware, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 22)
  • Electric Barrage: Blast 12 (DC 27; Multiattack)
  • Electrical Control: Energy Control 16 (DC 31, Advantages: Improved Critical 4; Accurate (+2), Extended Range)
  • Electrical Field Constructs: Create 12 (Volume: 4000 cft., DC 22; Movable)
  • Electro-Burst: Burst Area Blast 12 (DC 27; Burst Area 2 (60 feet radius sphere); Distracting)
  • Electro-Magnetic Blast: Nullify 16 (DC 26; Simultaneous, Accurate (+2))
  • Electro-Magnetic Pulse: Burst Area Nullify 12 (Counters: Electronics, DC 22; Simultaneous, Burst Area 2 (60 feet radius sphere); Distracting)
  • Focused Blast: Blast 20 (DC 35, Advantages: Improved Critical 4; Inaccurate (-2), Distracting, Activation (move action))
  • Magnetic Control: Move Object 16 (1600 tons, DC 31; Damaging; Limited Material (Metals Only))
  • Taser Blast: Affliction 12 (1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Stunned, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 22)

Electro-Rejuvenation: Healing 15 (Energizing, Persistent, Restoratative, Triggered (2 uses - Electrical Attacks); Limited (Self-Only))

Force Field: Burst Area Force Field 12 (+12 Toughness; Impervious, Burst Area (30 feet radius sphere))

EM Vision: Senses 3 (Detect: Electro-Magnetic Energy Type 2 (ranged), Infravision)

EM Body
Electric Energy Body (Activation: Move Action)

  • Blast: Blast 0 (DC 15)
  • Flight: Flight 10 (Speed: 2000 miles/hour, 4 miles/round)
  • Transmit: Teleport 5 (Alternate; 900 feet in a move action, carrying 800 lbs.; Accurate, Extended (30 miles in 2 move actions), Easy, Increased Mass 4; Medium (Electrical Conduits))
  • Life Support: Immunity 10 (Life Support)
  • Insubstantial: Insubstantial 3 (Energy)
  • Strike: Strike 0 (DC 15)
  • Transmit: Teleport 0 (Carry 50 lbs.; Extended (1 mile in 2 move actions), Easy, Accurate; Limited to Extended, Medium (Electrical Conduits), Activation (move action))

Spirit of the 20th Century

  • Earth Awareness: Senses 2 (Awareness: Spirit of the Earth, Danger Sense: Awareness)
  • Immunity: Immunity 1 (Aging)

P6 Commlinks (Free device, Easily Removable)

  • Communication: Radio Communication 4
  • Psi-screen: Enhanced Trait 5 (Traits: Will +5 (+10); Limited (Mental Attacks))
  • Universal Translator: Comprehend 2 (Languages - Speak All, Languages - Understand All)

P6 Unstable Molecule Uniform [No Cost] (Blaster Pistol, Bulletproof Vest, Cell Phone (Smartphone), Commlink, Heavy Pistol, Knife)


  • Initiative +6
  • Blaster Pistol, +6 (DC 20)
  • Brain Fry: Affliction 12, +2 (DC Fort 22)
  • Electric Barrage: Blast 12, +6 (DC 27)
  • Electrical Control: Energy Control 16, +8 (DC 31)
  • Electro-Burst: Burst Area Blast 12 (DC 27)
  • Electro-Magnetic Blast: Nullify 16, +8 (DC Will 26)
  • Electro-Magnetic Pulse: Burst Area Nullify 12 (DC Will 22)
  • Focused Blast: Blast 20, +4 (DC 35)
  • Grab, +2 (DC 15)
  • Heavy Pistol, +6 (DC 19)
  • Knife, +2 (DC 16)
  • Magnetic Control: Move Object 16, +6 (DC 31)
  • Taser Blast: Affliction 12, +2 (DC Fort 22)
  • Throw, +6 (DC 15)
  • Unarmed, +4 (DC 15)


  • Enemy: Sparks has made many enemies in the past. Included in this list are some pretty major super villains like: Mandarin, Skrull Empire, Master of Evil, Doctor Doom, The Hood, Dark Avengers
  • Motivation: Doing Good
  • Motivation: Recognition: She wants to be recognized for her and her team's accomplishments
  • Motivation: Responsibility: It is her responsibility to protect the world as one of earth's "immune system" agents of this reality
  • Motivation: Thrills
  • Phobia: Fear of Open Water / Underwater
  • Power Loss: Her power shuts down when she is fully engulfed in water due to the possibility of feedback that would kill her
  • Quirk: She is currently stuck in her energy form. She can solidify but only with great concentration
  • Relationship: Clive Owen
  • Reputation: Currently regarded as outlaws of the US Government
  • Temper: Sparks has a bad-temper.
  • Weakness: In her energy form, she is weak against those that can affect electro-magnetic energy like very strong magnetic fields and electro-magnetic pulses.

Native Language

Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 10, Toughness 18, Will 10/5

Power Points
Abilities 44 + Powers 102 + Advantages 27 + Skills 18 (36 ranks) + Defenses 14 = 205