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The Chronus Lords

The Chronus Lords are the guardians of the multiverse, guarding reality, space, and time. Believed to be the collective consciousness of all realities in the 10th dimension, these entities exist as several super consciousnesses that reside in the 11th dimension. Any forced changes on the lower realities send ripples to their reality, therefore warning them. With their ability to perceive the most probable outcome, solutions can be implemented. They have the ability to exactly perceive every action and reaction, determine chronometrical anomalies, take action accordingly while perceiving all the possible outcome.

During the Singularity story arc, because of certain actions done by Phoenix 6, 10 realities already ceased to exist. Ripples were immediately felt by the Chronus Lords. But because of reasons unknown, their ability to pinpoint the exact cause was somehow impaired. All they knew was that Phoenix 6 was responsible. The Chronus Lords activated their agents and their champion in 3d space. They set out to terminate the cause of the anomaly. With their time-perception blurred they started to systematically terminate Phoenix-6's from different realities. By the time they were stopped, 10 versions from different realities have already fallen.

Through the help of Amalgam, the team was able to acquire a bleed ship allowing them to traverse realities. After crossing the bleed, the team awaken to an earth very similar to their own. First to awaken was Zeke, Shynzar and Amalgam. For almost a month they searched and waited for the others, while gathering as much info as they can.Soon to follow was Agent Z, who in this world is a celebrity which popularized the Agent Z franchise. Faze and Titan appears in downtown Manhattan - faze as a comic book store employee while Titan, a homeless man. Dr. Kevorkian works as an obgyn in a small hospital in Orange County, NY while Sparks found herself in a suburb while being 7 months pregnant. Rune was later found commited in an institution a county away. Soon the team realizes that this isn't their reality. Although, much of the events in history is intact, and even if they exist as individuals, there is no evidence that suggests Phoenix 6 exists. Synergy, Warchild, and the bleed ship Atalanta's location is unknown.

Sparks (Earth 617) receives a package containing a disc with an instruction to be viewed at exactly 11:11 a.m. She learns that the disc was sent by "Jenny Sparks".

Disc Message

On the disc is "Jenny Sparks" talking:


"Hello Jenny and welcome back! I know you have a lot of questions but trust me by the time you’re done watching this, you will understand. Where do I begin? If my timing is correct, you have received this package at exactly 11:05 a.m. and I hope for your sake, followed specific instructions. Congratulations on your new baby boy and I’m sure you’re excited, I know I am. As one move forward in time, you make choices – what to eat, what time to wake up and from an infinite number of possibilities, these choices that you make determines a unique outcome. Although these may seem insignificant, some choices are so profound, that it sends ripples to one reality to the next. These set of choices may not impact your world, but it may be already be affecting another. By some twist of fate, you and all of the choices that you’ve ever made has led you to this singular point in time. These events appear causally unrelated but are occurring together in some meaningful manner. This is what I know, that by your choices and your team's actions, realities have already ceased to exist. There are those who are watching, they’ve noticed and they have been looking. They cannot allow this to continue anymore…

There are those that guard realities, beings that resonate at a much higher frequency than ours. Think of their world as an invisible blanket laid over what you see hear and feel - they can’t see us and we can’t see them. Sometimes we do things that disturb the fabric and they notice. Think of them as reality’s immune system the white blood cells that fight of diseases in our bodies. I am not completely aware who and how many they are but we do know I they exist. Another thing we know about them is the way they work – they have the perfect ability to pinpoint a ripple and terminate its existence. To avoid creating more ripples, they do this discretely careful not to create more ripples. It has been like this for eons but something changed. They have been systematically terminating Phoenix-6 teams from different realities — 10 Phoenix 6 versions from different realities have already fallen. This to me suggests that their pinpointing ability has somehow been impaired. For this reason…

*garbled audio and video*

What else do we know about them? There are also sleeper agents. These are humans implanted with genetic markers called the seed-genome. All throughout time extraterrestrials have come to earth experimenting on life and the environment. Pre Sumerian texts that were unearthed suggest this, while being backed up by scientific proof. This implanted geneteic marker is said to be triggered by a *garbled*. These genes remain dormant until such time the need for balance arise. Anybody can be a sleeper. It can be your neighbor, your father, your mother, even of your friends. Aside from seeded humans, there are also agents that oscillate at a much higher frequency. They are not like you and me. Some are created to seek an anomaly in space time, assess and if necessary, gate reinforcements. We call them scouts. There are stronger versions, Soldiers. They are sent in teams twos depending on the threat it could be by the hundreds. They travel through realities by slipping through cracks in time while drawing their targets in a single frame in time. This isolation is called sidestepping. Time freezes and everything that happens happen within a nano second of our time. Should these contingencies fail, these watchers resort to a final solution. A destroyer, a champion – He is the full manifestation of the will of those that guard realities. We know it exists because we’ve seen it, we have fought it and barely escaped with our lives. We have eluded it by hiding in the bleed. So far this is the only place we know it could not exist. Another thing of note, there is also an increased amount of dark matter present in the bleed and it is expanding at an alarming rate. We believe these are related. At exactly two days from now, you should receive and update from me assuming all goes well. If you do not, I wish you luck. Jenny Sparks out.

The team gathered in Spark's house to figure out the events that happened from the point of traversing the bleed and the moment they 'woke' up. They believe the key to finding out the answer lies in the ship. Since there are still members unaccounted for, Rune decides to cast a location spell to find the bleed ship. During the ritual, Rune was interrupted by a mysterious person that only he can see. He was warned not to continue, but it was too late. The neighborhood slowly went into temporal stasis and 'scouts' sidestepped within the area. And before the scouts can gate in reinforcements, it was over. Here they met another Phoenix 6 member and later found out it was a parallel counterpart of the Bones they knew. The moment the last scout was killed, they were back in real time.


The neighborhood was a turned into a war zone. Zeke issued an immediate evac, teleporting the team back to Amalgam's warehouse (HQ). Not before long images caught on camera were uploaded to every public site on the internet. News crews came to cover the story. A day later, there were protests in L.A. A video of a Sentinel bringing havoc to a quiet town sent out fear and mixed emotions. Outraged mutant groups and mutant sympathizers demonstrated and filled the streets in L.A. The government was criticized and accused of reactivating the sentinel project. Osborne reassures the public and issues a press statement denying all allegations and denying the existence of a sentinel program.

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