Shellshock Tactical Combat Armor

Shellshock Tac Combat Armor

Standard issue UNL Tactical Combat Armor.

  • Modified to host a many number of weaponry and features
  • Upgraded Armor: Alloy 3316 fibers woven into kevlar.
  • Concealed compartments, clamp-on and magnetic holsters
  • Interconnected Electronic Devices

Zeke's Armor Accessories [No Cost] (Audio Recorder, Binoculars, Camera, Camo Clothing, Cell Phone (Smartphone), Commlink, Computer, Custom Blaster Pistol, Custom Blaster Rifle, Custom Plastic Explosive, Custom Taser, Flash Grenade, Flashlight, Fragmentation Grenade, Gas Mask, GPS Receiver, Knife, Lock Release Gun, M4 CQB, M4 M203 GL, Machete, Mini-tracer, Multi-tool, Night Vision Goggles, Parabolic Microphone, Pop-up Hold-out Pistol, Rebreather, Restraints, Rocket Launcher, Sleep Gas Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Targeting Scope, Tear Gas Grenade, Throwing Knives, Titanium Knuckles, Tonfa, Toolkit (Basic), Video Camera, Wrist SMG, tracking device installed, advanced med-kit, parachute, high tensile line with catalyst stick, titanium caltrops)

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