Sarkis I'yra


Her mother named her Sarkis I'yra; it was her father who secretly nicknamed her Thebes.

Both parents were nascent psykers, both on the run from witch hunters. Once docked in Reth, they booked themselves on a chartist ship circling the Drusus Marches and hopefully looked forward to a new life.

They had been largely successful in keeping one, two, sometimes three steps ahead of their pursuers but that was before the powerful daemon, the dark shadow she had been keeping at bay all her life, finally tried to break through. Sheer will power and determination on both her parents' parts kept the daemon from emerging victorious. Spent and fatigued, they were just thankful a mercy blade was unncessary, unaware that another had helped — one who was very protective of her terrified yet determined mother. Only three weeks short of being born normally, the unborn child had felt every frightened tremor, every terrifying thought her mother experienced as the daemon attempted the possession that had induced the premature labor. The experience also sent out a psychic signal large enough to give away their presence to every psyker hunter on a ship. Only the sheer size of the greathold they booked passage on kept them from being pinpointed. But not for very long. Sarkis was two years old when Markus and Livia were finally located and identified and taken on board the dreaded black ships.

If looks were any indication, Sarkis is just like any chartist voyager. It is thanks to an eerie aura, the feeling of being in the presence of a powerful and admittedly frightful being, that gives away her secret. Even her parents had discovered very little about the extent of their extraordinary daughter's abilities.

It took the Golden Throne considerable time and effort and ultimately, one of their more unique rituals to break through the defenses created by her subconscious, the effects of which left her psychologically haunted.


Sarkis I'yra

Thebes (secret)

Home World
Void Born

Career Path

Primaris Psyker

"The only true fear is of dying without your duty done." +2 wounds

Tiny Ears




99 lbs

Skin Color

Hair Color

Eye Color



30 33 24 53 34 54 59 83 27

Wounds = 16
Fate Points = 4
Insanity Points = 0
Corruption Points = 1

Basic Skills

Navigation (Stellar) (Void Born)
Pilot (Spacecraft) (Void Born)
Speak Language (Chartist Vessel Dialect) (Void Born)
Psyniscience (Psyker)
Invocation (Psyker)
Trade (Merchant) (Psyker)
Literacy (Psyker)
Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Psyker)
Dodge +20
Scrutiny +10

Advanced Skills

Psy Rating 7
Minor Psychic Powers
Forbidden Lore (Warp) +10
Forbidden Lore (Psykers) +20
Forbidden Lore (Xenos)
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) +10
Forbidden Lore (Inquisition) +10
Secret Tongue (Acolyte)
Psychic Powers
Scholastic Lore (Heraldry) +20
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) +20
Scholastic Lore (Archaic)
Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed) +10
Speak Language (High Gothic)
Lip Reading
Warp Lore Mastery - +20 Invocation and Psyniscience
Ascended Psychic Powers: Lightning 1


Charmed (Void): roll of 9 and Fate point is not spent
Ill Omened (Void): -5 vs non-void
Void Accustomed (Void): lowered terrain rating, immune to low- and/or zero-gravity
Hypno-doctrination (Psyker): +3 WP, unconscious chanting of Litany of Protection
Living Nightmare (Psyker): Resistance (Psychic Powers) (+10 to resist), Unreadable Mind
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive) (Psyker)
Pistol Weapon Training (Laser) (Psyker)
Blind Fighting - sight obstruction penalties reduced to half
Discipline Focus (Divination) - +2 bonus to power rolls
Discipline Focus (Telekinetics) - +2 bonus to power rolls
Jaded - only supernatural terrors trigger gaining of Insanity Points
Strong Minded - reroll failed tests to resist psychic powers
Power Well - +1 bonus to manifest powers
Favored by the Warp - roll 2 dice and take more favorable roll on psychic phenomena table
Mental Fortress - psykers take damage for targeting char
Scholastic Psykana Failsafe - modify psychic rolls +/- 1d5; auto kill self impulse at moment of possession
Psychic Soldier - cast full/half action as a free action once per combat
Mental Aegis - Replaces Strong Minded, Resistance (Psychic Powers), Mental Fortress talents; +10 vs. psychic attacks; reroll failed psychic tests; attack and damage mind of attacker


Minor Psychic Powers

  • Call Creatures (9/H)
  • Call Item (5/H)
  • Chameleon (7/H/S)
  • Deja vu (8/H)
  • Distort Vision (8/F)
  • Dull Pain (8/H)
  • Fearful Aura (7/F/S)
  • Flash Bang (6/H)
  • Float (8/H/S)
  • Forget Me (6/H)
  • Healer (7/F)
  • Inflict Pain (8/H/S)
  • Inspiring Aura (6/F/S)
  • Knack (7/H)
  • Lucky (6/H)
  • Precognition (6/H/S)
  • Psychic Stench (5/H)
  • Resist Possession (6/REACTION)
  • Sense Presence (7/H/S)
  • Spasm (7/H)
  • Spectral Hands (10/F)
  • Staunch Bleeding (8/H)
  • Torch (5/H)
  • Touch of Madness (11/F)
  • Trick (5/H/S)
  • Unnatural Aim (8/H)
  • Wall Walk (8/H/S)
  • Warp Howl (8/F)
  • Weaken Veil (9/F/S)
  • Weapon Jinx (8/F)
  • White Noise (8/F/S)
  • Wither (6/F)

Divination +2 +1 to manifest powers

  • Divine Shot (15/FREE)
  • Far Sight (17/F/S)
  • Precognitive Dodge (11/FREE)
  • Precognitive Strike (17/FREE)
  • Preternatural Awareness (9/H)

Telekinetics +2 +1 to manifest powers; mastered: -5 threshold

  • Catch Projectiles (11/REACTION)
  • Fling (9/H)
  • Force Barrage (16/F)
  • Force Bolt (8/H)
  • Precision Telekinesis (18/H/S)
  • Psychic Blade (14/H/S)
  • Psychic Crush (12/H)
  • Push (8/H)
  • Telekinesis (6/H/S)
  • Telekinetic Shield (12/H)

Biomancy +1 to manifest powers

  • Hammerhand (15/F/S)
  • Seal Wounds (10/H)

Ascended Psychic Power

  • Stormwroth
  1. Lightning Arc (16/H) - WP bonus = bolts; DMG = 1d10 +10; P=3; shocking



  • Axe
  • Staff
  • Psykana Mercy Blade
  • Compact Laspistol with 3 extra charge packs and 2 hot charges

Backpack Contents

  • Weapon Maintenance Kit (requisition)
  • Deck of cards
  • Psy-Focus (compass)
  • Void Suit (requisition)
  • Filtration Plugs (requisition) - +20 T vs gas
  • Ration Packs (requisition)


  • Stormtrooper Carapace Set (+6 AC)
  • Guard Shield

Ascended (including items for requisition)

  • Badge of Office
  • Micro-Bead
  • Backpack powerpack (requisition) - 150 shots/hell pistol
  • Common craftsmanship force weapon
  • Common Hell Pistol
  • Kineblades (requisition)
  • Best Flak Armor (+5 AC)
  • Psy-focus (opal cloak brooch)
  • Cameleoline cloak (requisition)

Backpack Powerpack Contents

  • Writing kit
  • lascutter
  • magnoculars
  • clip/drop harness with 50m rope
  • grapnel
  • rebreather
  • respirator/gas mask

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