Ordo Trinitatis

Ordo Trinitatis or otherwise known as the Order of the Trinity or simply The Trinity is a new Ordo within the Inquisition. It is an experimental Ordo put together by the Emperor himself and he has assigned some of his best people to run this new group. The concept of the new group is to be a joint operations Ordo that has the capabilities of the 3 Ordos of the Inquisition: Ordo Malleus, Ordo Hereticus and Ordo Xenos. The idea for this new Ordo came from the success of the Deathwatch within the Ordo Xenos. This idea was further expanded to be a group that instead of getting from the Marine Chapters to fill it's ranks, it will get from the 3 Ordos to fill its own. This way, it ensures that all the members of this new Ordo are among the best and the types of skils and capabilities are varied and versatile. This allows this new organization to be capable of dealing with any new threat especially those that require the specialties of at least more than one Ordo.

To run it, an Inquisitor Lord from each Ordo was chosen to be part of the Trinity Council. Each member of the Trinity Council decides together and a vote is made as to what is the final decision of the Ordo. Each member of the Trinity Council were chosen due to their great leadership capabilities but also their abilities to think outside the box. The unit was designed to be an unorthodox unit that would covertly operate, unlike the 3 Ordos which operate in the Open.

These ordos were formed into groups similar to Deathwatch and were callled Trinity Teams. Each Trinity Team was squad sized (8-10 operatives and led by a Seargent or higher)

In addition to the concept of getting from the different Ordos, the Trinity also gets an idea from the Penal Legion and recruits the best operatives the Imperium has who are imprisoned for a long time or marked for death. These units were officially called Trinity Omega Teams aka Dead Walkers or the nickname given to them by other members of the Ordo were the Zombie Squads.

Aside from these special teams, the Ordo also has a standing army composed mostly for heavy action against Heretics, Daemons and Xenos.


Inquisitor Lord
Inquisitor Lord
Inquisitor Lord

Ordo Malleus Command Squad
Ordo Heretica Command Squad
Ordo Xeno Command Squad

Trinity Alpha Team 1
Trinity Alpha Team 2
Trinity Alpha Team 3
Trinity Alpha Team 4

Trinity Delta Team 1
Trinity Delta Team 2
Trinity Delta Team 3
Trinity Delta Team 4

Trinity Omega Team