"Olympus" Orbital Station


The "Olympus" is the secret headquarters of the hero Warchild. From here, he observes and coordinates the entire Warband network. The orbital station was built as a platform to not only monitor over the world but as a staging ground to protect the world from outer worldly enemy forces. With that in mind, the station is a miniature battle fortress, armed with very advanced weaponry. The Station is also a full blown headquarters and residence able to house comfortably up to 100 people. It has complete facilities like gyms, holo training rooms just like the danger room of the X-men, armories, vehicle bays, laboratories, medlabs, detention centers, and other places required of a battle station.

Olympus has a maintaining cloaking field preventing it from being detected and seen by normal sensors and scans. The cloaking field makes the station invisible not only to the naked eye, but to all manner of electronic sensors. Only the most advanced sensors have a chance of detecting them and they have to be close enough to do so.

To reach the Olympus station, there are only 2 options: fly there or teleport into the station. Fortunately, majority of the station has an anti-teleportation screen. Only the teleportation bay is the only one unshielded from teleportation. With the station far beyond earths orbit, even further away from all the other orbiting satellites, only a few even have the capability to fly out that far into space. The teleportation platform on the Olympus allows it to teleport people who's locking signals can be identified. THese locking signals are specific frequencies which allow the station to teleport a person. Without it, a person can still be teleported but must have an extremely exact location for the station's teleporter to get them. The teleportation platform is also connected to the station itself, allowing the entire station to teleport a certain distance from its current position almost instantly. THis method however is extremely draining to the power of the station, thus is used only when it is needed.

The station also has very powerful sensors, allowing it to scan and monitor the earth. This encompasses all manner of available sensors that can be found or created.

The entire station is controlled and maintained by a simple computer ai called "Argus". This artificial intelligence has a wide control of the station and is heavily protected via electronic intrusion. Because of the safeguards installed, the only viable way of even accessing the stations AI is to be within the station itself.


Arsenal and Defense

The station has a wide array of space worthy torpedoes, missile turrets, rail guns and energy cannons to protect it. Internally, the station has its own defenses as well. The station also has a tractor beam and capture cables designed to pull in targets near the station.