Marteena Hawkwood


“The impossible has happened! Wherever a Hawkwood and a Decados be, blood shall surely spill. But today we receive word that an unlikely union has produced a child. Bring it back from Cadia. That is no place to raise the one hope that may bring together the warring houses. – Noble Archives of Scintilla

Marteena was born on Cadia to Imperial Guard Morten Hawkwood and Aliana Decados. Her parents were heirs of the two conflicting Noble houses of Scintilla. They relocated to Cadia to follow Morten Hawkwood’s assignment. Her early years were spent at the Imperial guard outpost until at the summoning of their families, through the intercession of Sister Madeleine of the Order Famulous assigned to both houses, to return to Scintilla. As an only child, her birth was of note, for she was the first recognized offspring from an arranged marriage between these two conflicting families. At the urging of Sister Madeleine, Marteena was to be groomed as a diplomatic symbol, the beginning of unification between a decades-old rivalry between House Hawkwood and House Decados.

On return to Scintilla, unification was far from the minds of the two Noble houses that sought to gain control of the planet. Both Houses began an unrelenting campaign against her parents. Marteena settled at the Hawkwood estate but her mother was constantly urged to return to her kin along with her child. Diplomatic conflict escalated to the point that as a concession, it was agreed by both houses that Marteena should be raised impartially, to be mentored by Sister Madeleine until of age, where she can assume her heritage as heir to both Houses.
Marteena never fully adjusted to life in Scintilla. Preferring the company of her mentor, over the parties and frivolities other noble children were preoccupied with. Sister Madeleine welcomed her friendship as she would regale her ward with stories of the epic heroes of the sisterhood. She excelled in her studies and even engaged in partial martial training to the delight of her father and resignation of her mother who tried to encourage her daughter to be more socially active given her future role in society as a scion of Hawkwood and Decados.

Transcript taken from Sister Madeleine’s personal records:
**“ Marteena said to me today, she longed to move back to Cadia. I was surprised. I asked her what could possibly be the matter. It is not that she is wanting for anything as no child on Scintilla enjoys more privilege, no whim left unanswered. The whole of Scintilla elite literally stumble over themselves to spoil her. She said she was happy on Cadia. I reminded this child that she was only 3 years old when she left. She could not possibly recall her life at the Imperial station. Then she looked at me with so much gravity and seriousness. She said, “I recall everything. The day you arrived. How my parents looked at each other and whispered among themselves. Did you know, the last time I saw my mother truly smile was the morning before you arrived? The first time I saw her worry was when she first laid eyes on you. “ Then she looked at the party of Decados arriving to bring their children for their costume fittings, She said wryly “At least on Cadia, Orks do not have to wear dresses.”//

“Everything this world has to offer is nothing. It is but one planet. The true daughter of the Emperor cares not for what is laid at her feet. For her, the light of many worlds will bend at her wake, his light guides her way”**// – Excerpt from Marteena Hawkwood’s letter to the Council, Noble Archives of Scintilla.
On her 12th year, Marteena was orphaned when her home was attacked by assumed cultists of Slaanesh. Marteena survived by fending off her attackers with her father’s bolt pistol, single-handedly slaying her attackers. Up to this day, little is known of why the attack took place and why. It was said that Marteena initially said that the attack was part of Decados machinations. How she came of this conclusion was never recorded. The Decados house maintain their innocence of the matter and blamed trauma and Hawkwood brainwashing for Marteena’s claims.
On her parent’s death, both Houses sought to regain sole control of Marteena. However, the child had other plans. On her own she petitioned to be recruited into the adeptas sororitas, as she claimed to fulfill its requirements. Her relatives from both houses for a moment, set aside their differences in their efforts to appease and change her mind even to the point of signing a treaty that effectively unified the combined houses in all aspects, to be represented by a committee of Riven Hawkwood, a favored uncle of Marteena , her aunt, Silvana Decados and an arbiter from the Ordos Famulous, until upon her maturity, she would take its lead. The new Hawkwood-Decados house that controlled the whole economic, political and institutional make-up of Scintilla now rivaled the great noblehouses of Terra. And all of this belonged to a child who shall grow up to have the most coveted hand in the entire Imperium. Not a hour passed after the contract was drawn up, marriage arrangements were already being negotiated, Emissaries from noble houses from other colonies were already en route to Scintilla to make proposals.
12 hours after she signed the treaty irrevocably sealing all futures of Hawkwood and Decados together, Marteena steals aboard a ship to Ophelia VI to become a daughter of the Emperor.

Her strength is a bright light that shines in her eyes. May the Emperor take notice of this flame that chooses to cast out all that is dark and chaotic, however small and feeble, I know will soon burn as brilliant as the sun and just as devastating Sister Madeleine’s Letter of Recommendation for Acolyte Marteena Hawkwood

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