God's Defender


Real Name: Jordan Smith

Alias: Titan Slayer, The Defender, The Blacksmith, The God of Fire

Affiliation: Phoenix 6,Camp Half Blood

Relatives: Hepheastus (Father), Veronica (Mother), Beckendorf (Brother), Leo (Brother)


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Identity: Publicly Known

Citizenship: America

Occupation: Craftsman,Blacksmith,Fire User,Counselor of the Hepheastus' Cabin

Education: Camp Half-Blood


Gender: Male

Age: 22

Height: 5'8

Weight: 175 lb

Hair: Black Hair

Eyes: Blue



Once there was a war on Olympus,Between the God's of Olympus and the Greek Army,The War was so brutal that no mortal would ever survive,But we are proven wrong,The Greek's armor was harder and thicker than steel and their blades was thirsty for blood.So the war between The Gods and The Greeks Began with bloodshed,A few men didn't survive the battle,But somehow they prevailed.When the Gods were defeated by mortals Zeus was troubled with confusion the only person he could think of is Heapheastus Th Blacksmith God,So then Zeus tortured and vanished Heapheastus to Earth to let him live in a mortal life.


Jordan Smith was born with outstanding abilities,He was the most creative student in his school,He was outstanding in wood works,sculpting,metal work.He was the helpful guy,He loved helping other people,He fixes their problems and he gives them advice,But everything changed until one morning he was hearing voices inside his head,Since he was so confused he rested on a bench and he felt a little sting in his hand like it was burning,So he went to the restroom and washed his hands.He still felt the stings inside his arms and all of a sudden flames were bursting out from his hands,The flames was so hot the water evaporated and half of the school was burned.

So he was expelled from school.By the time he got home he looked to his step-mother disappointed and confused,So he ran away towards the forest,While he was wondering alone in the dark forest he noticed something following him in the forest,One of the bushes rumbled when Jordan noticed he investigates it,While he was checking the bush a Chimera pounced on Jordan,He struggled free and ran away and hide in the bushed,Since the Chimera's head was a lion the Chimera sensed Jordan in the bushes and then the Chimera breathed fire towards Jordan,The Chimera pounced on Jordan one more time and the the tail of the Chimera was a snake and then it bit the arm of Jordan,When he struggled from the snake's bite he yelled “Enough!” and a big explosion of flames bursted at the Chimera and since it exploded it was loud and really hot he burned the forest,Jordan passed out because of the snake's ferocious bite.

When Jordan woke up he was in a cabin laying down in a mattress leaving him hurt and confused,He then later came out of the cabin and saw a half horse and half man named Chiron. Chiron then noticed Jordan was awake and he showed Jordan around called Camp Half-Blood.Chiron introduced Jordan to everyone,Every Demigod teased him and would always push him because he was the new guy and then Beckendorf met Jordan and Beckendorf Hugged Jordan like there was no tomorrow. However Jordan didn't know that he had brothers.When Beckendorf and Jordan entered the cabin.

Leo Valdez presented the Golden Fleece to Jordan Leo then showed Jordan the Blade of Olympus stuck in Hepheastus' anvil.Leo said “Here Take This, Our Father Wanted To Give It To You” Jordan accepted the fleece.And he first thought was to build a battle armor made out from the golden fleece.

When Chiron called every Demigod Chiron told them “Split into groups Cabin by Cabin the objective is to capture the flag” the first match was Hepheastus' Cabin versus the Zeus' Cabin.Jordan is not ready to fight other people,Since the Hepheastus' Cabin went in to groups Jordan was the only one to reach to the flag,But until one of the members of the Zeus' cabin attacked Jordan suprisingly. Then when Jordan got mad he bursted flames once more against the members of the Zeus' Cabin leaving them injured and slightly burned.And then Jordan grabbed the flag and returned to the camp. They all cheered and celebrated th victory of Jordan. Later that night he forged his battle armor made from the Golden Fleece.By that time he had the time to train sword fighting.

One Night he wondered alone in the forest and now He felt his back aching,His back was so painful and blood was coming out,After the pain was gone suddenly he looked behind and saw wings.He then hovered up and flew to Camp-Half Blood.He heard something following him he looked back and saw two Sirens half-woman and half-birds following him,Luckily for Jordan he was faster than them he arrived at the camp safely.He then told Chiron that he grew wings.And Chiron was so suprissed he could not breath. He Then asked Jordan to Walk with him to Train him by using his Fire Powers with Leo (Jordan's Half Brother) So Leo taught Jordan everything he knew and Leo amitted Jordan was better than himself.

Zeus then had a terrible feeling that something was wrong.Beneath Tartarus the titans somehow was realeased from their chains.Near the forest the Demigods saw all of the titans destroying everything,Then Suddenly the God's appeared before them Zeus convinced the Demigods to battle the titans with them,Zeus explained that Hepheastus was driven mad and sought revenge on Zeus by destroying everything and becoming the God of Earth.All of the Demigods armored up and wielded their weapons.Jordan then went to the Hepheastus' Cabin and saw the Blade of Olympus which is stuck to the Anvil of Hepheastus' he then pulled out the sword and wielded it to battle.

Hephaestus The Blacksmith God started the Third Great War.The battle was the most destructive war the world ever witnessed,Many innocent lives were taken,Buildings collapsing to the ground,Everything was destroyed,Until the Gods and the Demigods arrived,Armed and ready for battle,The war was vicious and destructive,But the Titans were defeated by The Gods of Olympus and The Demigods.Zeus imprisoned Heapheasus with Titans in Tartarus.The Gods went back to Olympus in peace and the Camp was saved by The Demigods.They all cheered and celebrated. Chiron named Jordan The God's Defender.Whenever Evil will come again to destroy the world Jordan will be Ready for it.



Plasma Form:The God's Defender possesses the physical ability to envelop his entire body or portions
of his body with fiery plasma without harm to himself

  • Immortality:Jordan's Immortality is different,He can be killed in combat
  • Decelerated Aging: Jordan ages slowly
  • Immune to Sickness: Jordan can never get sick or diseased

Fire Wings:The God's Defender has Fire Wings that makes him fly faster than a jet
Flight:He can fly using his Fire Wings

  • Divine Healing:Able to heal himself or another person
  • Mass Healing:He is also able to heal a group of people
  • Pyrokinesis:The God's Defender possesses the mental ability to control ambient heat energy and

the physical ability to transform his entire body, or portions of his body into a fiery or volcanic plasma-like state of will.

  • Fire Ball: He can Blast a Ball of Fire towards his enemies
  • Fire Blast: He has the ability to burn his enemies to crisp
  • Fire Bomb: He can burst into flames affecting everything in a wide radius
  • Fire Construct: The God's Defender can manipulate fire and construct it in his own image

Mind Controll:He can manipulate his target by doing what Jordan wants the target do
Mind Reading:He can hear the thoughts of his target


  • God Like Strength:He was Blessed by Zeus , He regularly tears his foes with his blade and even overpowered monsters much larger than him
  • God Like Agility: This ability provides the user with superhuman agility, reflexes, flexibility, and speed, which allows them to perform incredible feats,

such as high jumps and long-distance leaps with little effort, inhuman flexibility, and moving at speeds faster than the eye can see, allowing them to cover long distances in a short amount of time and outrun mortals with ease.

  • God Like Speed: Blessed by Hermes,He was given the Boots of Hermes,He can run faster than the best athletes in the world
  • God Like Durability: Blessed by Ares The God of War,He is almost invincible with the help of his armor
  • God Like Accuracy: Blessed By Artemis,He is also expert archer
  • God Like Senses:As a Demigod he can sense if there is danger ahead or something is following him
  • God Like Stamina: Blessed by Hermes,He has superior stamina and energy to that of mortals.
  • Regeneration: Blessed by Hades, Jordan can regenerate wounds automatically
  • Superior Interrogation: Blessed by Apollo,He is Superior in Interrogating his enemies
  • Godly Wisdom: Blessed by Atropos,He is known as the great strategist in battles,And he can predict the next attack of his enemy
  • High Charisma: Blessed by His Mother Aphrodite
  • One Handed Sword Specialist: Trained by Ares,Accomplishments in his quests prove that he is the best warrior
  • Weapon Expertise: Trained by Ares and Chiron He is has mastered various melee weapons and ranged weapons
  • Rage of The Gods: Blessed by Poseidon, He could reform himself into a massive, Fire form resembling a Titan. This form, in his own image


Blade of Olympus: The Most Powerful Blade in The World,No one Can Wield it except for Jordan,It is a large sword with a bluish light in its blade. It was created by Zeus, forged of the Heavens and the Earth during the end of the Great War to banish the Titans to Tartarus


Modified Golden Fleece:The Golden Fleece is almost unbreakable because it was blessed by the Gods,No one can wear it except for Jordan,This Golden Fleece has the power to deflect approaching weapons and thrust them back to those who deliver them.,


Boots of Hermes: These greaves allow Jordan to make a short dash forward, ramming through enemies and throwing them aside, as well as giving him the ability to run alongside walls


Helios' Sun Shield: While using the shield Jordan is Invincible against his enemies,And it can reflect projectiles back to the opponent



Festus The Happy Dragon:Mechanical Dragon owned by Jordan and Him Only,It can be summoned when it is called