Battle Magus Doominion (Enrique Iglesias)


Race: Demi-God

20 19 16 43 24 30 24 84

Combat Skills

Initiative: 7
M.D.C: 322 ( 462 with Bark Armor) - 5% prowl
Hit Points: 30
Attacks: 7
Damage: (+6d6 from Battle Fury Blade or + 1D6 x 10 with Battle Fury Mode) + 28 From P.S
Hand To Hand Damage: 6D6 M.D
Parry: 11
Dodge: 11
Strike: 9 (+ 2 if using Battle Fury Blade)
Roll with it: 11
P.P.E : 432
I.S.P: 60

Saving Throws

+70% coma and Death
+11 disease and poison
fatigue 1/3 normal rate
+3 save mind control
+5 save possesion
+6 save horror factor
+3 save to curses
+12 save magic
+2 spell strength
+3 to perceptions rolls and double on a ley line
+3 save psionics
+2 save Insanity
+Charm/Impress 70%

Special Abilities

Minor Psionic Power
One with Body
One with the Mind
One with Magic for Combat
Master of Weapons
Pilot Automatons
Sense Let line and Magic Energy
Read Ley lines
Ley line transmission
Ley line Phasing
Ley line Drifting
Ley line Rejuvenation
Ley line Observation Ball
Initial Spell Knowledge
Learning New spells
Magic bonuses
Magic Spells

Magic Powers

Level 1

Globe of Daylight
Death Trance
Lantern light

Level 2

Manipulate Objects
Throwing Stones
Armor of Ithan


Level 3

Magic Shield
Light Target
Orb of Cold
Energy Bolt
Breathe without air

level 4

Ricochet shot
Fire Blast
Electric Arc
Fist of fury
Fire bolt

Level 5

Circle of Fire

Minor Psionic Powers


Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
Demon Lore (+71%)
Speaks and is literate in American (+101%)
Speaks demon (+101%)-
Speaks dragonese (101%)
Basic Math (+91%)
Intelligence (+69%)
Tracking (+71%)
Land Navigation (+73%)
Horsemanship: General (+72%)
Detect Ambush - (66%)
Detect Concealment - (61%)
Trap Construction - (52%)
Trap/Mine Detection - (51%)


Sense of Balance (106%)
Walk Tightrope/High Wire (88%)
Climbing (63%)
Prowl (71%)


Work Parallel Bars & Rings (88%)
Climb Rope (94%)
Back Flip (106%)


S.C.U.B.A (81%)
Body Building and Weight lifting
Body block/Tackle
Medical: First Aid (Only)


Dead Ball
Wilderness: Carpentry
Mechanical: Basic (Only)
Technical: General Repair & Maintenance

Weapon Proficiency

W.P. Sword
Archery and targeting
Automatic Pistol


Earth Thunder Automaton
Battle Fury Blade x2
Weight: 7 Ibs.
Mega-damage: 6D6 M.D.
M.D.C.: 200, regenerates 20 M.D.C. per day.
Powers: By channeling 40 P.P.E. into the weapon, the wielder
can invoke the Battle Fury. While this fearsome ability is active,
the weapon inflicts a whopping 1D6x10 M.D. with every hit. In
addition, every time the wielder makes an attack with the sword,
they get two attacks instead of one; the weapon striking with
blistering speed (opponents are -5 to Parry the unexpected,
super-quick, second attack). Finally, for the duration of the enchantment,
they are encased in a suit of magical force with 100
The Battle Fury lasts for 12 melee rounds/3 minutes.

Bark body armor - england page 15 -
120 MDC
15 Pounds
-5% prowl
contains 24 P.P.E
Magic, Dragons Breath, Lightning and Energy Blast do 1/3 normal Damage
Rune Weapon and most Magic Weapons full damage Energy Weapons and Explosives
+1 saves to poison, gases diseases, and toxins

Vampire cross- vampire kingdoms page 31 -
Tw pump style Water pistol x2 page 31-
Range 2000
weight 5 lbs
Damage to Vampires: 4d6
Payload:40 blast
Greater Damage

Tw Thundergun -New West- page 215
Range 500 m
weight 3 lbs
Damage 3d6 S.D.C to mortal beings
5d6 M.D to Creatures and practioners of Magic
1D6 x 10 to supernatural evil
Rate of fire 1 shot/melee
Payload 6 silver bullets

Na-sw4 mdc bow- game masters guide page 154
Weight 24 lbs
arrows 3.5 lbs
Normal Arrows - 3d6 s.d.c
Range 1500
Payload: up to six

TW Spitfire Revolver -
Weight: Typically 3 Ibs (1.4 kg).
Damage: 3D6 M.D. per shot.
Rate of Fire: Each shot counts as one melee attack.
Effective Range: 200 feet (61 m)
P.P.E. Cost to Charge & Recharge the Item: 10 P.P.E. or 20
I.S.P. gives the weapon six more 3D6 M.D. blasts.
Payload: 6 energy blasts. To reload all six chambers with energy,
all a character has to do is concentrate and pump 10 P.P.E.
points (or 20 I.S.P.) into the weapon; counts as one melee action
(2-3 seconds). Conventional bullets (6) can be fired from the
weapon, but cannot be loaded or fired until all magic energy has
been discharged. Using conventional bullets requires reloading
by hand. When even one chamber is loaded with a conventional
bullet, the weapon cannot be charged to fire magical energy.

High tech arrows x200 - game masters guide 150
50 arrows with a globe of daylight spell
Flare arrow x5
High Explosive Arrow x200
Neural Disruptor Arrow X 100
600 Silver Bullets
Bottomless purse ( food type 100,000) - japan 41

Magic Power
Psionic Power
Earth Thunder
Spell List and Description
Skill and Special Ability Description