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Records Unrevealed

Scholastica Psykana

Records Unrevealed

Adeptus Astartes

"And He Shall Know No Fear!"

While on the peak of his Trials in the Scholactica Psykana, and as one of the most potent Psyker who shows excellence in handling the powers of the Warp in his time being, none within his knowledge and consent that the Chief Librarian of the Imperial Fists chapter already wish Dominus to be a subject of Gene-Seed implantation in order to join the Fists as a Battle Psyker. -Excerpted from the Scholastica Psykana's Archives

Emperor's Right Hand - The Imperial Fists

“Primarch–Progenitor, to your glory and the glory of Him onEarth!”


The Primarch of the Imperial Fists is second only to Roboute Guiliman in the adoration his name inspires in
the masses of the Imperium, and even amongst other Chapters he is held in high regard. Dorn remained close
to the Emperor’s side throughout much of the Great Crusade, and stayed there during the darkest days of the
Horus Heresy. Thus it was an especially bitter fate that caused Dorn to become separated from the Emperor
when he teleported onto the Warmaster’s battle-barge, to discover his master’s body after the duel that ended
the Heresy was concluded.

Rogal Dorn was a warrior of the utmost dedication, and he was known as the most humble and honest of all
the Primarchs. So great were both of these traits that when he was asked by a brother Primarch which of the
Emperor’s sons was the greatest master of the siege, honesty entirely devoid of hubris compelled him to answer
that it was he, and not Perturabo, Primarch of the Iron Warriors, who was the greatest in that field. Perturabo
flew into a rage; the incident sowing the seeds of a rivalry that survived even after the Horus Heresy was
ended, and festers on between the descendants of both Legions even in the 41st Millennium. Dorn was one of
the most long-lived of the Primarchs, but with the death or disappearance of each of his brothers he grieved
more and more. He witnessed the phenomenon of many of the Primarchs coming to be regarded as demi-gods
by the peoples of the Imperium, and spoke out against the practice, proclaiming that the Emperor alone was
worthy of such devotion, for each of his sons had failed him in some manner.

The Primarch fell in battle against the forces of Chaos, resisting a Black Crusade—one of the periodic and
devastating incursions by the Traitor Legions from their hellish sanctuary worlds within the Eye of Terror.
Dorn and three companies of the Imperial Fists mounted a masterful series of boarding actions against the
crusade’s warships, crippling drives and life support systems and even capturing weapons batteries and turning
them against other Chaos vessels. Eventually however, the enemy cornered Dorn and his warriors as he launched
a final attack on the bridge of the Chaos flagship. None survived to tell the glorious tale of the Primarch’s last
stand. The Chapter’s Chief Librarian found his Primarch’s body on the bridge in a chilling reprise of Dorn’s
discovery of the wounded Emperor, and bore him away before the stricken flagship escaped back to the infernal
depths of the Eye of Terror.

As A Son of Dorn

In temperament, Imperial Fists are driven and focused. They study the tenets of the Codex Astartes with almost as much dedication as the Ultramarines, yet there are certain passages their very nature makes it hard for them to fully comprehend. Whereas the codex teaches the wisdom of a tactical re-deployment, the Imperial Fists will fight on, all but blind to the consequences. While the Ultramarines might consider this characteristic a weakness, it is nonetheless the root of their selfless devotion to the ideals of their Primarch.

When not engaged in battle, the Imperial Fists are often driven to undertake one of several pursuits, or else be consumed by thoughts of potential imperfections or even failures. The same drive that propelled Rogal Dorn to undertake his post-Horus Heresy crusade still slumbers in the hearts of his sons, waiting to emerge in moments of quiet. In order to silence such doubts, the Imperial Fists immerse themselves in the teachings of their Primarch, the histories of their Chapter, and the study of the art and science of war.

When memories of fallen comrades overtake them, some Imperial Fists indulge in the scrimshawing of their bones, honouring the memory of those long-passed. When even these pursuits fail to quiet the mind, the Imperial Fists don the pain-glove and subject themselves to hours of excruciating nerve shriving, emerging hours or even days later cleansed of all doubt and pure of mind. In battle, the Imperial Fists refuse to take a step backwards or admit a foe’s superiority. They are not mindless berserkers however, and remain disciplined and focused regardless of how desperate a situation might become—they quite literally prefer death to the perceived dishonour of admitting the remotest possibility of defeat.

When serving in the Deathwatch, this characteristic might very well cause friction with other Space Marines, especially if a Kill-team leader orders a tactical withdrawal in the face of the enemy. It takes a strong-willed commander indeed to convince an Imperial Fist to withdraw when he sees only dishonour in doing so.

More About Imperial Fists

The 53rd Company

As a part of the old chapter, the company's main purpose is to guard and prevent any possible attacks that can be made to Terra
by the Traitor Legions. Dominus has been hand-picked by the current Chief Librarian to be the official Battle Psyker of the 53rd company
of the Imperial Fists, until they are finally sent out to a mission to secure and clear a certain perimeter of a Death World known before
to be a fortress of chaos that's been destroyed during the Great Crusade by this same chapter.

Due to the years of the Death World not being scouted by the Imperium, unfortunate events happen, and the while on securing an area;
the company annoyingly feels a strange aura which is not new to Dominus because of its source. It's just a matter of moments before he
realize the daemonic presence that surrounds them in plague darkness, are amongst the Traitor Legions that the chapter have abandon
to hunt a long time a ago.

Sudden attacks took place on all side and every direction as the Emperor's Astartes' battle cry starts to spill in air.
Waves of chaos shows up for only a single purpose; to kill. Dominus together with his battle brothers
stood up to hopefully repel the hated Iron Warriors before their chapter’s Thunderhawk's arrival.
Blood and gore shedding on power armors of both sides… until they got totally outnumbered by the Traitor Legion.

When all hope seems to be gone, Dominus, with all his might, draws to signal the warp on its existence, although his enemy
draws on the same source, just before the Thunderhawk arrived, he forcefully summons the eye of the warp into the battle field,
leaving his enemies rot their souls to death and devastation. On a distant as where he sense the strong Deamonic presence
amongst the black horde, he notice upon at a glance of an enemy know to be as the Praetorian's brother who sides with Horus
thousands of years ago. Dominus starts to weaken in fatigue and will, that eventually brought him down to his knees,
as he cites each of his battle brother’s names which are being overrun by darkness, a sudden light came through and starts striking his enemies on fire.
Those were the last things he remembers after he woke up in the Phalanx traveling near at the Jericko Reach.

No one lives from the assault except him who's now being question of how he did, but due to his company's failure, the chapter master speaks to him
and said; "You're now a ghost… the only option you have now is to submit yourself to the inquisition or… continue to serve Dorn and the Emperor
into the Deathwatch", because of his intentions to redeem himself and to hopefully give justice for his broken brothers
Dominus accepted the offer and march his way to the said place.

The Last of his Company

The Primarch's personal failure repeats itself unto him, seeing each of his battle-brother fall one by one as they fought against
an assault that almost end his life.

A Sight to the Warp and An Old Enemy

Dominus have fought in battle against the hated Iron Warriors, and tested his skills against the Chapter’s most despised enemy. 
During that battle, he caught a distant glimpse of the Daemon Primarch Perturabo, and the sight haunts his dreams to this day.


Instead of joining other companies and the successor chapters, Dominus was been advice to join the Deathwatch as his personal

Kill Team Zeta

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