Warhammer 40k: The Ordo Trinitatis

Warhammer 40,000

IT IS THE 41st millennium. For more than a hundred centuries the Emperor has sat immobile on the Golden Throne of Earth. He is the master of mankind by the will of the gods, and master of a million worlds by the might of his inexhaustible armies. He is a rotting carcass writhing invisibly with power from the Dark Age of Technology. He is the Carrion Lord of the Imperium for whom a thousand souls arc sacrificed every day, so that he may never truly die.

YET EVEN IN his deathless state, the Emperor continues his eternal vigilance. Mighty battlefleets cross the daemon-infested miasma of the warp, the only route between distant stars, their way lit by the Astronomican. the psychic manifestation of the Emperor's will. Vast armies give battle in His name on uncounted worlds. Greatest amongst his soldiers are the Adeptus Astartes. the Space Marines, bio-engineered super-warriors. Their comrades in arms arc legion: the Imperial Guard and countless planetary defence forces, the ever-vigilant Inquisition and the tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus to name only a few. But for all their multitudes, they arc barely enough to hold off the ever-present threat from aliens, heretics, mutants - and worse.

TO BE A man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruellest and most bloody regime imaginable. These are the tales of those times. Forget the power of technology and science, for so much has been forgotten, never to be re-learned. Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war. There is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods.

Ordo Trinitatis / Order of the Trinity


Ordo Trinitatis / Order of the Trinity or some simply called "The Trinity" is a new experimental Ordo created by the more open minded and "radical" Lord Inquisitors within the Inquisition. This Order is a joint operations program wherein the three Inquisitorial Ordos are part of one new Ordo wherein the expertise of each Ordo is shared among the others and a cooperative operation is in effect. Representatives from each Ordo are transferred into Trinitatis as part of this covert special task force. Unlike the three other Ordos, Trinitatis is a secret organization designed specifically to deal with problems which cannot be handled independently by any of the Ordos or in situations wherein the nature of the problem are multi-layered and would normally require the expertise of more than one of the Ordos. Another thing that makes this Ordo different is that it has taken the concept of the Penal Legion to a different level. There have been many individuals who have been imprisoned all over the galaxy for various reasons who may be of better use, than simply letting them rot away in the prison planets. So what the Trinity does is to recruit these prisoners, exceptional individuals who's skill sets would be of greater use to the Imperium. These prisoners are given a second chance to redeem themselves through service to the Emperor.

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Trinity Triamvirate - Leaders of Ordo Trinitatis

Deathwatch - Kill Team Zeta (Myrmidons)