Caleb Kromwell

Shock Trooper. CORNWELL, Caleb
Spec OPs: Drop Trooper

I.G. Tag ST-1111-9999- 412

Imperial Guard


Las Weapon Expert
Military Vehicle Operation

"To fight and die for an emperor you haven't seen or experienced are liken to the blind and unthinking. FOR THE EMPEROR! they kill, and they think it brings strength to their cause. My homeworld stands at the very gates of hell. You live to serve the emperor because my people stop the horror that seeks to destroy your homeworlds. We fight for Cadia and the Imperium of Man!"

Homeworld: Cadia

Cadia: (Segmentum Obscurus) Closest significant Imperial world to the Cadian Gate, homeworld to the Cadian Shocktroops. Cadia has become a staging point for Imperial forces protecting the Cadian Gate from ChaosChaos incursions emanating from the Eye of Terror.

Cadian Gate: (Segmentum Obscurus) A narrow corridor of stable space on the galactic southeast edge of the Eye of Terror. The Cadian Gate is the only predictably stable passage out of the Eye of Terror, and is therefore the site of frequent raids by the forces of Chaos.

127.M42 Current Date

Age: 35
Birth Year: 092.M42
1st Combat Mission:


Tour 1: 107.M42
Born in the militaristic world of Cadia Prime, John knew nothing but to fight. He was taken from his family when he was only 6 years old, molded and fashioned for war like the spartans of ancient Terra. At the age of 15, he saw combat fighting as a conscript of the Cadian 154th, as reinforcements for Kasr
Mindora, a small settlement in Vedos. Vedos is a backwater planet in the region and the Imperial Guard thought it be of strategic importance. The vastly outnumbered 154th held the planet for several months. They lost a lot of good men and with limited rations and with reinforcements nowhere in sight, some begin to question the validity of Mindora's strategic value. They were already dead the first time they landed and they already know it.


Days became weeks and weeks became months. The unrelenting waves of plague zombies and Death Guard Chaos Space Marines pressed on the battered and weary 154th. The barren arctic was also unforgiving. Those that did not fell by daemonic claws fell prey to trostbite and hypothermia. With their spirits broken, some went mad. Those that were too weak to fight were given grenades and charges and ordered to take as much of the legion as they can anyone who questioned the command saw the the barrel of the commissar's gun. Against all odds the 154th held off and what seemed to be a breakthrough, and without warning, they were asked to abandon Mindora. Those who were too weak, and those not able to make it to the transport ships (as there weren't enough) were left behind. John lost a lot of good friends during this campaign.

2nd Tour 110.M42