Brightstone Lords

The Lords of Brightstone is an epic campaign that has been running for about 8 years now (on and off, though the first 4 years was straight).

The campaign follows the rise of the Lords of Brightstone from lowly beginner adventurers, all the way to their current epic status. There have been many who joined them on their adventures.

Lords of Brightstone

  • Ayama "Deathbringer" Elehoran
  • Sir Jorune
  • Tala Jora Kai
  • Koohmag
  • Parsimon Oakenshield
  • Sir Turin
  • Elemir Elehoran
  • Lyriansyre Elehoran
  • Mika

Lord Regents of Brightstone

  • Blaire Whistlestop
  • Koshi
  • Keenah
  • Kaz
  • Lucian

Knights of Brightstone

  • Shadren Windblade
  • Cathayka
  • Sir Albion

Heroes of Brightstone

  • Brute
  • Astaroth