Brightstone is a series of campaigns that is based in the barony of Brightstone. It is a story about the heroes that freed that land from monsters and made a ruined keep into a bastion of hope and power in the Dalelands.

The stories campaigns are:

  1. Lords of Brightstone - this is the main story arc, following the adventures and misadventures of the epic Lords & Heroes of Brightstone.
  2. Baby Brightstone - this follows the story of various stories of beginning heroes who are adventurers in the lands of Brightstone.
  3. Heirs of Brightstone - this follows the stories of the children and heirs of the Lords of Brightstone. Set 20 years after the supposed fall of Brightstone, it is about them trying to set things right and give their world another chance.
  4. Brightstone Apocalypse - this follows the adventures of the Lords of Brightstone and the Heirs of Brightstone as they try and save the world from the coming apocalypse from all the Elder Evils that have been unleashed
  5. Avengelicals - [temp campaign name]