Bones (Earth 617)


Johnathan Stevens was born on June 4 1937. He grew up in an apartment in downtown Brooklyn. His mother was working 3 jobs and his dad was drunk all day. Seeking refuge he spent most of his days on the roof of their building reading comics and watching over the streets.

One day when he was 15 he walked in on one of his father’s weekly poker games and couldn’t take the sight of his dad throwing away his mom’s hard earned money on wild bets. Before leaving he saw his father slap his mom right across the face and couldn’t take it anymore. He picked up his wooden baseball bat and broke it on his dad’s left chin. Outraged his dad’s drunken friends stood up and walked towards John but he fought them off leaving two unconscious and the other 3 bleeding. Knowing that this would get them into trouble with the cops he left the apartment with his mom and brought her to her sister’s house. From there he called the cops and reported a brawl at their apartment. Being to drunk to speak properly, his dad and his friends were sent to prison for 20 to life for vandalism, Illegal gambling and domestic violence. 5 months later John felt the urge to help others who were out on the streets.

It started with stopping a mugging in an alley but eventually led to a war on the drug lords with only a few friends as help. On the day of his attack on one of the biggest drug lords in Brooklyn John received word that his mom had been brutally attacked at her own home. Furious, John vowed to bring this drug lord down in the most painful and brutal way ever. He raided their factory at night in the middle of an ecstasy party and shot everyone there. He then proceeded to beat the drug lord mercilessly with the same bat he used against his father. On his way out one of the thugs he had shot managed to grab a shotgun and shoot John in the back. Barely conscious he managed to crawl out before the cops arrived and was rescued by a mysterious girl in a hood.

He woke up in an abandoned apartment building with a huge bandage around his body. He had broken 2 ribs and was unable to walk. The girl’s name was Jonah and she had been helping others like John only she was more of a medic than a fighter. Together they roamed the streets helping those in need, John beating up thugs while Jonah tended to their victims. In a few months time the crime rate had drastically decreased as others who were helped by the duo or had been witnesses to their chivalry also decided to help clean up the streets. John and Jonah fell in love and decided to give up the crime fighting. Two years later the Cold war in Vietnam broke out and they couldn’t help but sign up for the war. John already being 18 was sent to camp right away while Jonah was trained to be a battlefield medic. When John was finally sent out his old crime fighting skills aided him greatly in the war.

Being the most accustomed to guns and violence John took on the role of a leader and lead his squad through their missions. Then one day during the peak of the war when battles could no longer be avoided, John received word of how Jonah was killed by the vietkong’s champion “King Kong”. She had been bandaging a wounded soldier when he arrived and beat her mercilessly until she died. Outraged by the loss of his loved one John set out on a suicide mission to the enemy camp to find and murder “King Kong”. On his way there he passed by a neutral village that was being ransacked by vietkong. Fueled by his rage he single-handedly killed them all with a machete and two pistols. He then made spears out of their bones and used them to kill further attackers and to scare them away from the village. More terrified than they were grateful they gave him the nickname “Bone Demon” because of his reputation to make weapons out of his enemies bones.

He moved from village to village killing vietkong and making weapons out of their bones until he finally came across the camp where King Kong was staying. He saw him dragging innocent Vietnamese women into his camp and could hear nothing but their screams as he turned them into pleasure women. Each girl he saw reminded him of the cruelty that was done upon Jonah and this made him really mad. He stormed the base at night killing all of the soldiers silently except for King Kong. He woke King up by punching him so hard that his jaw was dislocated. He then proceeded to fight King Kong hand-to-hand. After breaking King’s knees King began to beg and plead for mercy. Being to angry and enraged to listen John cut off King’s left arm and used it’s bone to beat King to death.

After burning the camp John left to go back to his camp but was ambushed and kidnapped by the Vietkong. After being tortured for weeks the Vietkong finally threatened to kill his mother if he did not join there side. Having taking enough torture and threats John broke the torturer’s ribs with a single kick and locked himself in the room with him. There he strangled the Vietkong torturer with his handcuffs and used a broken finger bone to pick the lock. He picked up the only weapons in the room: A pistol and a broken bone which he sharpened. He exited the room and killed every single guard in the hallway until finally being shot and knocked out by the Vietkong general. They put him through water torture until he finally cracked and agreed to join the Vietkong. He lead the assault on the US camp which caused a retreat in the US forces. Being a traitor with nothing to lose John turned on the Vietkong squad and killed half of the men before being burnt to death by a flamethrower.

In hell John had been convicted of being a traitor twice and was thrown in to the pit of eternal fire with a few other known ruthless fighters such as Gengis Kahn. There he met a soul who claimed to once be a king with magical powers. He called himself Malkar and told John about a plot to escape hell. On the day of Malkar’s escape an astral line came down and showed visions of earth. Driven by his longing for home John betrayed Malkar and took hold of the astral line. He awoke in a Necromancer’s tower and freaked out when he saw that he was nothing but a skeleton. He ran for a nearby window and jumped. He broke his legs upon landing but he noticed them regenerating and in a few minutes he was able to run.

He found a cloak and a truck and set out for Brooklyn. Upon arriving there he learned that his mother had died of cancer. Distraught and depressed he went to the military cemetery in New York and found Jonah’s grave. He then realized that it had been 53 years since the war and it was already 2008. He adapted to the new society and was slowly regaining his human body. When he was finally human looking again he realized that he had retained some of Malkar’s powers. Aside from regenerating John could willingly control, duplicate and detonate his bones. He could also summon a group of skeletal warriors. He then realized that Brooklyn had gone back to its old crime infested ways but now there were supervillains roaming the streets. Realizing he couldn’t do things alone he contacted Phoenix 6 which he heard about in the news and became an official member. After nearly being kidnapped by Malkar’s group bones left Phoenix six to go and train. He once again became a Brooklyn Vigilante until the superhero registration law. When that happened he rejoined the team but was left behind on earth when the team crossed universes.


After being reincarnated into the body of the magical king he retained only two powers, regeneration and general bone manipulation. He creates weapons from his bones, fires his fingertips as bullets, detonates and manipulates any type of bone. He can create valleys of bone spikes and can create a kind of bone spike armor around his body. He can also create various structures made from bones but has a peculiar fetish for bone walls.


After realizing how ruthless and cruel he was in the war Bones made a promise to himself to pay his penance through vanquishing and punishing the cruel. Seeing that Phoenix Six was of good intentions and not some kind of attention starving group like Osborne's he chose them. Enjoys making walls as mentioned above and playing bone-a-rang with his skeletal minions.


Trained Soldier

Firearms Expert

Close Combat Expert