Amalgam (Khristian Kendrake)


Real Name: Khristian Kendrake
Hero Name: Amalgam
Age: 30
Nationality: Citizen of the US, no criminal record
Status: Single
Profession: Entrepreneur



Amalgam has no real super powers. All of his powers are derived from the various equipment he uses like weapons, battlesuits and power armor.


Martial Artist - Amalgam is a trained martial artist. He is versed in Karate, Aikido, Eskrima, Street fighting and Muai Thai Kickboxing.

Athlete - He is an athlete level human specimen who engages in regular exercise. He is capable of lifting approximately 200 lbs.

Genius Quotient - Amalgam has an IQ of 145-150 and an equal level of EQ. This means that he is a genius on his logical/cognitive side as well as his creative/emotional side of his brain. Though by no means does his scores place him at the top tier ranks, the fact that he is equal in both sides of his brain makes him a rare individual due to the fact that most geniuses in one side normally precludes them being weak in the other. He is a fast learner and is very resourceful, capable of combining creative solutions to logical situations and vice versa.

Skilled Strategist & Tactician - With his natural mental abilities combined with his knowledge, he is a skilled strategist. He has a natural gift for analyzing situations and finding new and creative ways of solving the problem. In combat, he is known to win on sheer tactics despite overwhelming odds maximizing whatever capabilities he has at hand.

Marksman - Amalgam is a natural marksman and trained in various fireams. As an army brat, he was very familiar and trained at an early age to handle firearms. He is skilled mostly with pistols and sniper rifles.

Intuitive Psychologist - He is a skilled psychologist and is very good in reading people. Combined with his intellect and intuation, he can sometimes predict what a person thinks or will do.


With his considerable wealth, hero geek knowledge and his underground contacts, Amalgam has amassed a very large arsenal of high tech equipment and weaponry from many superhumans, both hero and villain. Most of the equipment he has was procured through the black market, particularly those who deal in superhuman level technologies. He also tries to get ahold of new corporate and military tech that somehow gets lost and pops up on the market.

Through his own skills, he has managed to put together some impressive armored suits, using one of them as a base unit, then cannibalizing other armors then integrating those features into the base unit. When Kaz was employed, his arsenal even became more impressive and reliable, due to Kaz's experience in dealing with combining technologies from his former job working for Night Thrasher and the New Warriors.

On normal days, in civilian clothing, he always has the following equipment on his person:

  • Vamp's Absorbo Belt
  • Taskmaster's Wrist Photon Weapon Generator
  • Enforcer's Disintegration Ring
  • Viper's Teleportation Ring
  • Wizard's Force Field Generator
  • X-men's Image Inducer
  • Pym Particle Capsules
  • SHIELD Cloaking Watch
  • Black Panther's Kimoyo Card
  • Kevlar Vibranium Weave Vest

If possible, he wear's his custom bodysuit which is a mix of Black Panther's Kevlar Vibranium Weave and SHIELD Beta Cloth.

He also has some non-powered equipment, which he normally wears when he wants to do street level patrols. In addition to the equipment he carries in civilian clothing, the following equipment is added into his "Amalgam Street Costume"


The base costume is made of several layers. The layers are:

  1. Black Panther's Kevlar Vibranium Weave - this is the 1st layer, directly over the skin. The Vibranium weave makes him effectively immune to ballistic fire as the impact is absorbed and rendered inert. This includes attacks that are based on kinetic impact to do damage like falls, blade attacks, punches, blunt attacks and the like.
  1. Ghost Suit - The overall layer is the Ghost's "Stealth Suit". With this suit, he is capable of turning intangible and invisible but never at the same time. The suit also muffles sound and allows him to disrupt or control electronic like computers and power armor. Electronic shielding has also been integrated into the suit to prevent electro-magnetic pulses to afffect the suit and its components.
  1. Moon Knight's Carbonadium Plates - This layer of armor from Moon Knight's armor is made up of the light but almost indestructible Carbonadium.

As part of his headgear, he has made a custom helmet based from Paladin's helmet and improved it to some degree by adding a few extra components. The lenses on the headgear allow him the ability to see in low-light conditions. He can also switch on the infrared filter, allowing him to see in the infrared spectrum as well as detecting and seeing heat signatures. The lenses also has a polarization effect providing him with protection against sudden bursts of light. The helmet also has a retractable mask which provides him with protection from gas attacks, as well as providing him with about 1 hour worth of air. Improvements made was the inclusion of a hearing amplification module, as well as an accompanying sound filter to protect himself from sonic attacks.

Non-Powered Arsenal

Aside from the above equipment from his civilian gear, he also has the following equipment as part of his non-power armor arsenal. They are:

  • Enforcer's Custom Guns
  • Blacklash's Whips
  • Hawkeye's Bow & Custom Arrows
  • Johnny Blaze's Hellfire Shotgun
  • Paladin's Stun Pistol
  • Shellshock's Handgun
  • Spymaster's Weapons
  • Shocker's Vibrating Gauntlets
  • Hobgoblin's Weapons
  • Doom Tech
  • Chance's Bracelet
  • Black Knight's Energy Sword

He also has an impressive collection of full suits of power armor as well as armor pieces and blueprints. With what he has, he has put together with the help of Kaz the following:

Lately, with his travel to the Rift's world, he has acquired and put together 2 more suits, which are:

Lastly, he is currently designing his new armor, which he hopes to build with the help of Synergy.