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(Phoenix 6 is the name of the superhero group for my role-playing gamers. We currently use the Mutants & Masterminds system though we have used the diceless Marvel RPG and the old DC Universe RPG. )

What is Phoenix 6?


Phoenix 6 is the name of a super hero group based in Earth 617, a world similar to Marvel's 616 but with the difference of the Phoenix 6 members. This was the name they chose when they left the "Initiative Program" and was relaunched as a new super hero team with no political ties to any country. This was done with the backing and help of the mysterious superhero named Warchildwho came out of the blue to help them get back on their feet. He gave them their own space cruiser which they named Atalanta.

Who are Phoenix 6?

Currently, there are technically 2 teams for Phoenix 6. One which consists majority of the original members, who are currently lost in the Bleed, trying to find their way back home. The other team consists of the other members of the team, including reserves who were left behind. Now, they function as the main Phoenix 6 for the Earth. To differentiate themselves from those who left, they currently used the original team name called Team Phoenix 628.


Leader: Sparks (Jennifer Sparks) - Spirit of the 20th Century (Earth 616). Full ability to control Electricity and Magnetism.

Asst. Leader: Synergy - Currently a digital mind in a robotic body.

Current Members

  • Titan - Mutant Eternal god. Possesses typical abilities of Eternals like Super Strength, Flight, Matter Manipulation and Cosmic Energy Generation.
  • Agent-z - Full Psionic with telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis. Currently hosting an alien entity called a Zerg within him.
  • Kevorkian - Doctor and Bio-geneticist. Can manipulate biological systems in all its aspects.
  • Rune- Brash yet extremely powerful Sorcerer. Currently hosting and containing an elder demon god in him.
  • faze* Faze - Youthful thief with powers of telepathy and luck manipulation.
  • Shynzar - A hassassin with the ability to manipulate Darkforce.
  • Zeke Morgan - Elite soldier from an alternate reality. A man with a mission. His powers of teleportation are backed up by his hi-tech weaponry and body armor.
  • Streak - Former New York cop gifted with the powers of super speed.
  • Amalgam - A rich hero geek with various power armors at his disposal.
  • Atalanta - The team's AI and effectively their ship itself.
  • Warwolf - Alien Werewolf-like race with the ability to teleport. Also possesses super strength, speed and claws that can cut through almost anything.
  • Bones (Unknown Earth) - a young kid with the ability to turn into a Bone demon.
  • God's Healer - The God of Fire, Blessed by The Greek Gods, Son of Hepheastus
  • Hitomi - a mysterious woman with the ability to possess others.

Supporting Characters

  • Megan - A Terran Marine medic from an alternate reality where the Terrans, Zerg and Protoss are at war.


Acting Leader: * Blank - An amnesiac with the abilities to copy any skill he sees.

Current Members:

  • Smoke - Former member of Weapon Z. A former assassin sniper with the powers of intangibility.
  • Earthbender - Blind martial artist gifted with the ability to manipulate Earth.
  • Saint Killer - Resurrected soldier by a relic supernatural pistol.
  • Genie - Former Filipina maid with the ability to mimic all super powers around her. The twin of Gaya.
  • Vengeance - Another spirit of Vengeance but filled with cosmic energy as well.
  • Null Zero - Clone renegade from the Chinese government with the ability to "Null" out all super powers in his area.
  • Dodge - former dancer/acrobat with the ability to teleport
  • Amazon - a female warrior goddess hailing from an alternate reality
  • Norris - nephew of the legendary Chuck Norris. Supposedly trained and is as gifted as his uncle.
  • Jew-Jitsu - Jewish martial artist on a spiritual quest.
  • Bones (Earth 617) (Earth 617) - former dead soldier who cheated himself out of death and becoming a bone demon as a consequence.
  • Boomer - Possesses the power of rocket flight, a powerful force field and the ability to create powerful explosions.
  • Black Dragon - Skilled Ninja warrior who possesses a fraction of the Dragon Force, an analog to the Phoenix Force.
  • Dominus - claims to be the son of Dr. Doom. Possesses a copy of Dr. Dooms armor and has sorcerous powers as well.
  • Vertigo - Elite Indian female soldier with the ability to disrupt equilibriums.
  • Frequency - Semi-autistic mutant with the ability to control any frequency.

Former Members

  • Ashton - Flame abilities. Currently allied with the Dark Avengers
  • Gaya - Orphaned girl with the power to copy any superpowers temporarily. Twin sister of Genie. Currently with the Dark Avengers
  • Dozer - alien exiled on earth. Has super strength and body weaponry. Currently dead and on board Atalanta in stasis. Died in the battle versus the Shi'ar Royal Imperial Guards. Recently been brought back to life and currently in suspended animation.
  • Hydron - former human with the ability to control and generate water. Supposedly died sacrificing himself to help save Phoenix 6.

** S.U.N.D.E.R.**

S.U.N.D.E.R. is the new team put together by Warchild from some newly found super hero recruits. Their current members are:

  • Maya - Acting Team Leader
  • Ordnance - Weapon Collecting Vigilante
  • Amalgam - Power Armored Vigilante
  • Magnetress - Magnetic Powered Mutant with Armored Suit
  • Bleast - Power Armored Blasting Hero
  • Argonaut - Morphing Alien Fighter
  • Novak - Adamantium Claw Wielding Mutant with Super Speed
  • God's Healer (617)

Reserve SUNDER

  • Sparks (167)
  • Titan (167)
  • The Harvester - Exiled Hero with Mystical Chain Blades
  • Dominion - Extra Dimensional Time Traveler
  • * Adamant - Cannot be Harmed Warrior Mutant

Allies/Supporting Cast

  • Warchild - mysterious hero and benefactor of the Phoenix 6. Leader of the "Overwatch Network"
  • Dark Watch - this is the personal team of Warchild
  • The Warband - this a network of superheroes and operatives working for Warchild around the world as protectors.
  • Graywalkers - a group of mysterious heroes sworn to protect the world from supernatural evil.
  • Team Wyvern
  • New Avengers
  • X-Men
  • Warchild (Rifts World)
  • John Sparks (Rifts World)
  • Tattoo (Rifts World)